Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

I love finding out about things that take my fancy, whether they are words, or people, places or times. My particular passion is the sixteenth century (thanks to Dorothy Dunnett), and in the processes of rootling around I’ve discovered things that have surprised, intrigued, enchanted, and sometimes appalled me.

I am currently in the process of refreshing and revising Renaissance Alive, both the website and the books published under that brand.

The website has been moved to a different hosting system that enables me to exercise total control over the look and feel of the site by programming it myself, rather than having to use the building blocks provided by WordPress. I have also taken the opportunity to add some indexes. You will notice that the book pages now have links on each author/editor. When you click on the link you will be taken to the author index, where you can see any other titles available by that individual. Both the author and the title index list all the minor works which appear within another book.

The books themselves are being individually reviewed. The images are being upgraded to a higher quality wherever possible, and the content is being checked again for any errors that have slipped through. It is also my intention to add X-Ray to any books which currently include a glossary so that you don't have to dodge backwards and forwards to find the meaning of an obsolete word. Producing X-Ray content is vary labour-intensive though, so I will tackle that after finishing the general updates. You won't lose out if you already have a copy of a book, the Kindle system should make X-Ray content available automatically.

Come back soon for more glimpses into the past.