The Battle of Flodden Field

The Battle of Flodden Field

edited by Henry Weber

The Battle of Flodden in 1513, fought between the Scots, under James IV, and the English, under the Earl of Surrey, was an appalling disaster for the Scots. James, brother-in-law of Henry VIII, was killed, along with the flower of Scottish nobility and thousands of his lieges.

The poem that forms the major part of the book was probably written in the sixteenth century. It is followed by extensive notes which help in understanding allusions to people and events .

The next two sections give variant readings from other versions of the poem and a glossary.

Other accounts of the Battle or its aftermath appear in the appendices:

  • Lamentation of King James IV
  • The Bataile of Brampton, or Floddon Feld (Mirrour of Magistrates, edit. 1587. 4)
  • Skelton, Laureate, against the Scottes. (Certain bokes compiled by Master Skelton, Poet Laureat, London, B. L. 1583. 12.)
  • The Complaint of King James of Scotland. (Ulpian Fulwell's Flower of Fame. London, 1575. 4.)
  • Epitaph of Sir Marmaduke Constable, in Flamborough Church. (Gentleman's Magazine, 1753.)
  • Song on the Victory of Floddon Field. (Ritson's Ancient Songs, 1791.)
  • The Laird of Muirhead. (Minstrelsy of the Border, Vol. I.)
  • The Flowers of the Forest. (The same. Vol. I)
  • Ara Heroibus qui in Prælio apud Fluidonem occubuerunt. (Jonstoni Heroes, &c. Lugduni, 1603. 4.)
  • Letter from Pope Leo X to Henry VIII. (Rymer's Foedera.)
  • Pitscottie's Account of the Battle of Floddon. (Edit. 1738.)
  • Hall's Account of the Battle. (Chronicle, 1550.)
  • Ballade of the Bataile of Floddon. (Harl. MSS. 293 & 367.)

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The Dunnett connection:

The battle of Flodden is mentioned several times in the first book of The Lymond Chronicles, The Game of Kings, revealing its lasting effects on the Scottish nation.