The Emperor Charles V

The Emperor Charles V

by Edward Armstrong

Charles ruled several distinct nations — Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, and territories in North Africa and America — but, circumscribed by the jealousies of these nations, the plots of his enemies, and by a chronic shortage of money, he was never in absolute control of his policy or actions.

He was a curious combination of obstinacy and irresolution; naturally timid, but courageous in war; a man capable of great energy, but who would then lapse into indolence; a just man, except when political interests were concerned. He said of himself, "In no event and for nothing in the world will I act against duty and conscience."

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The Dunnett connection:

Though not present as a character in any of The Lymond Chronicles, the Emperor and his actions come in for discussion at different times, both as a political figure in his own right, and as the father of Philip II of Spain whose courtship and marriage to Mary Queen of England are significant in the last two books in the series: The Ringed Castle and Checkmate.