The Chronicle of Queen Jane

The Chronicle of Queen Jane and of Two Years of Queen Mary: and especially of the Rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyat by a resident in the Tower of London,

edited by John Gough Nichols

The chronicle of the teenager who became known as the Nine-Day Queen was scribbled down in a pocket diary by an unknown man who lived and worked at the Tower of London. It was there that he met and talked with the Lady Jane when she was held prisoner.

The aftermath of Jane's brief reign — the accession of Mary, her lethal response to those who had put Jane on the throne, the unrest and uprisings caused by Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain, the ceremonies and splendours of that marriage — all are presented through a collection of contemporary documents which includes a lengthy letter from John Elder to his Scottish master, Robert Stuart, brother to the earl of Lennox (later, Regent of Scotland for his grandson James VI).

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The Dunnett connection:

Although Jane herself does not make an appearance in the Lymond Chronicles, Mary of England and her marriage to Philip are an integral part of the last two books: The Ringed Castle and Checkmate.