A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents

A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents that have passed within the Country of Scotland

since the Death of King James IV till the year MDLXXV.

From a manuscript of the sixteenth century

This curiously named document is one of the primary sources of Scottish history for the period from 1513 to 1575. In part, gleanings from other (unknown) sources, in part the record made by someone on the fringes of Court society, the text was transcribed and published by the Bannatyne Club, whose intent was to preserve and render somewhat more accessible the original and genuine materials of the history of Scotland.

The text is in the original Scots of the period, which can look a little daunting at first, but there is a glossary (which I've linked to the first appearance of each word). Bearing mind that people of this era wrote more or less phonetically, I found that it quickly becomes easy to understand.

For example:

Vpoun the aucht day of Julij, the ʒeir of God foirsaid, thair was callit befoir the governour, the erlis of Glencairne and Eglingtoun, for slauchter maid be thair soneis.

with the spelling modernised, would become:

Upon the eighth day of July, the year of God foresaid, there was called before the governor, the earls of Glencairn and Eglinton, for slaughter made by their sons.

As soon as time permits I will move the contents of the glossary into X-ray, which will greatly improve access.

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The Dunnett connection:

The Diurnal overlaps the period covered by the Lymond Chronicles