The Douglas Book 2: Angus Memoirs

The Douglas Book volume 2: Angus Memoirs

by William Fraser

The Douglases were one of the most powerful families in Scotland. They were active on both sides of the border: sometimes as Wardens of the Marches, sometimes leading raids deep into England, sometimes allied with the English against their own monarch.

The second volume of The Douglas Book begins with the predecessors to the Douglas Earls of Angus — the Celtic, Norman and Stewart Earls. It continues with 37 individual Douglas memoirs, from the first Earl, George Douglas (1389-1402) to the Hon. Lucy Elizabeth Douglas, Countess of Home (1805-1877). Among many others, you can read of the fifth Earl — known to history as "Bell the Cat" for his actions during a violent dispute between King James III and his nobles; the background to the execution by burning of Janet, Lady Glamis; the turbulent lives of the 6th Earl (brother-in-law to Henry VIII) and his brother Sir George; and the tragedies suffered by Lady Jane Douglas, sister to the first Duke of Douglas.

The author of this work, Sir William Fraser, a respected historian who wrote the histories of many of the leading Scottish families.

The other volumes still to be published in the Douglas Book are Charters relating to both lines; and Correspondence of the Earls of Douglas and Angus.

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The Dunnett connection:

Sir George Douglas and, to a much lesser extent, his brother the 6th Earl are active in the events of the first two books of The Lymond Chronicles: The Game of Kings and Queens' Play.