Early Popular Poetry

Early Popular Poetry of Scotland and the Northern Border, volume 1

edited by David Laing

rearranged and revised with additions and a glossary

by W. Carew Hazlitt

This is the first of two volumes bringing together two works published by David Laing in 1822 and 1826: "Select Remains of the Ancient Popular Poetry of Scotland" and "Early Metrical Tales."

The poems are taken from sources up to the end of the sixteenth century, and cover a wide range of styles and subjects: historical, moral, fantastic, and downright comic.

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The Dunnett connection:

Quotations from some of this poetry appear in the Lymond Chronicles.  "This officer but dout is callit Deid" — a wry comment made by Will Scott, for example, comes from a long ballad called "The Thrie Tailes of the Thrie Priests of Peblis"