The Knights Hospitallers, volume 3

The History of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, volume 3: 1454-1530

by René-Aubert Vertot

In volume 3 the Order's home of Rhodes comes under increasing threat from the Turks, culminating in a long and bloody siege. The small remnant of the order left alive is forced to abandon Rhodes and for a time is homeless. The intrigues of papal elections election see cardinal de Medicis, one-time knight of St John, become Clement VII. The emperor Charles V offers them Malta, Gozo and Tripoli — not without conditions that lead to difficult negotiations.

In the wider world we follow the troubled life of prince Zizim, son of Mahomet II — whose violent career is also detailed in this volume. Zizim, given refuge from his brother by the Order, is sent to France where his refuge becomes a prison, and then into the fatal hands of the Borgia pope, who uses him as a source of revenue until he is forced to give him up, at which point he arranges Zizim's death by poisoning. Later, the capture of the King of France by Charles V at the battle of Pavia is described, and the Spanish knights threaten to divide from the Order.

The full five-volume index is included, with live links to entries for volume one. A glossary of obsolete words completes this Kindle edition.

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