The Knights Hospitallers, volume 5

The History of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, volume 5: 1565-1725

by René-Aubert Vertot

Volume 5 begins with the aftermath of the taking of Fort St. Elmo and the continuing siege of Malta. The Turks are finally drive away, to massive celebrations. Money is raised for a new city near St Elmo, named La Valette after the grand master. The detailed history ends with the intrigues leading up to the election of Peter de Monte as grand master in 1568.

The second book in the volume brings the history of the Order up to the time of writing (1725) in the form of succinct annals.

Vertot finished his History with two dissertations:

  • Dissertation upon the Ancient and Modern Government of the Religious and Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem
  • Dissertation on Two Cotemporary and Original Historians who relate the same facts, but with circumstances so very different, that they entirely alter the nature of it. This compares passages from Jaligni and Caorsin, with the original texts appended.

The full five-volume index to the History is included, with live links to entries for volume five. A glossary of obsolete words completes this Kindle edition.

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