History of St. Mary's Abbey, Melrose

History of St. Mary's Abbey, Melrose, The Monastery of Old Melrose, and the Town and Parish of Melrose

by James A Wade

Melrose Abbey, ruined now, but still beautiful, was founded by the Cistercian order in the twelfth century in the heart of the Scottish Borders. This wide ranging book considers the Abbey's predecessor (the monastery of Old Melrose), and early monastic life in general. After a brief look at church symbolism, the author focuses on the architecture and history of the Abbey, the sources of its wealth, and the lives of the Abbots and the monks.

Several early documents have been included: the Charter of King David to the Abbey of Melrose (in the original Latin, and an English translation); the last letter of King Robert Bruce to his son David, in 1329 (in Latin and English); an English translation of a charter granted by James Douglas, Commendator of Melrose and Mary Kerr his lady, to the Feuars of Gattonside and Westhouses in 1590; and a contemporary account of the Earl of Hertford's second expedition to Scotland in 1594 by the York Herald

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The Dunnett connection:

Disorderly Knights, the third of the Lymond Chronicles opens with these immortal words:

On the day that his grannie was killed by the English, Sir William Scott the Younger of Buccleuch was at Melrose Abbey, marrying his aunt.