History of Scotland, volume 2

History of Scotland, volume 2: 1346-1424

by Patrick Fraser Tytler

Tytler's multi-volume History of Scotland covers the period 1249-1606. Different editions were organised in varying numbers of volumes. This Kindle book is taken from the third edition which was originally published in seven volumes, with an additional volume containing and index for the entire work.

Volume 2 focuses on a king in captivity; invasions by Edward III and John of Gaunt; Hotspur, the Percies and the Douglases; and always, the turbulent internal politics of Scotland.

Chapter five considers a startling theory that Richard II of England escaped his captivity and spent his final years in Scotland.


  1. 1. David the Second, 1346-1370
  2. 2. An Historical Inquiry into the Ancient State of Scotland
    1. 2.1 General appearance of the country
    2. 2.2 Distinct races in Scotland
    3. 2.3 Ancient parliament of Scotland
    4. 2.4 Early commerce and navigation
    5. 2.5 State of the early Scottish church
    6. 2.6 Sport and amusements of ancient Scotland
  3. 3. Robert the Second, 1370-1390
  4. 4. Robert the Third, 1390-1424
  5. 5. Historical remarks on the death of Richard the Second
  6. 6. Notes and Illustrations

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