History of Scotland, volume 3

History of Scotland, volume 3: 1407-1497

by Patrick Fraser Tytler

Tytler's multi-volume History of Scotland covers the period 1249-1606. It was republished several times, with different editions being organised in varying numbers of volumes.

This Kindle version is taken from the third edition which was originally published in seven volumes, with an additional volume containing and index for the entire work.

Volume 3 begins when James (aged 11) was a captive of the English, and Scotland was under the control of his uncle the duke of Albany. The latter so relished the power of the regency that he ensure that the English kept hold of James for many years. When James was finally released he had built up a considerable store of resentment which was released upon all those he thought had collaborated in his long captivity.

Contents, volume 3:

  1. 1. Regency of Albany. 1407-1424
  2. 2. James the First. 1424-1437
  3. 3. James the Second. 1436-1460
  4. 4. James the Third. 1460-1488
  5. 5. James the Fourth. 1488-1497
  6. 6. Notes and Illustrations

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