History of Scotland, volume 4

History of Scotland, volume 4: 1497-1554

by Patrick Fraser Tytler

Tytler's multi-volume History of Scotland covers the period 1249-1606. Different editions were organised in varying numbers of volumes. This Kindle book is taken from the third edition which was originally published in seven volumes, with an additional volume containing and index for the entire work.

Volume 4 covers some of the key events and recurring themes in Scotland's history: the battles of Flodden, Solway Moss, and Pinkie Cleugh; rebellions by the Highlands and Islands; power struggles amongst the nobility of Scotland; subversion from England and shifting loyalties on the borders.

The final section, Notes and Illustrations, contains many extracts from contemporary letters and documents.

  1. 1. James the Fourth (continued from vol. 3), 1497-1513
  2. 2. James the Fifth, 1513-1524
  3. 3. James the Fifth, 1524-1528
  4. 4. James the Fifth, 1528-1542
  5. 5. Mary, 1542-1546
  6. 6. Mary, 1546-1554
  7. 7. Notes and Illustrations

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