Last Loves of Henri of Navarre

Last Loves of Henri of Navarre

by H Noel Williams

Henri of Navarre adored women and fell in love with the greatest of ease. The wonder is that so many women accepted the advances of the rankly smelling or, frankly, stinking  gascon who was a stranger to personal hygiene until nearly the end of his life.

Of course, he was the king of France.

And he was generous to a fault.

A girl could get a title out of it. Maybe even get to be queen.

It was a shame that Henri was rarely satisfied with one mistress at a time. It made for terrible jealousies — between mistress and mistress, wife and mistress. At times Henri was shuttling from one to another to try and get a bit of peace.

Worse was to come. Henri fell for a young beauty, whom he arranged to be married to a poor but high ranking noble. When the husband realised that he was expected to be a complaisant cuckold, the domestic troubles spread beyond the borders and came close to causing a war.

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