The Lennox, volume 1: Memoirs

The Lennox, volume 1: Memoirs

by William Fraser

Probably the best known scion of the Earls of Lennox was Henry, Lord Darnley, son of Matthew, 12th Earl, and his wife Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII. The memoirs of these three, and their relationships with Mary Queen of Scots and with four monarchs of England make up the final third of the book.

The first section relates the history of the Lennox area from Roman times, detailing the lands, the islands, and the castles - in particular Dumbarton Castle, of major significance in Scottish history.

The central part of the book features biographies of the eight earls of the original race, followed by those of their eventual successors, the Stewarts of Lennox.

The author, Sir William Fraser, was a respected historian who wrote the histories of a number of noble Scots families. He was given extensive access to privately held documents, quoting from those and public documents to give a very full picture of the leading individuals from each family.

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Margaret Douglas and her husband Matthew, the twelfth earl, are important characters throughout the Lymond story, with Margaret desiring nothing more than to be our hero's nemesis.