Muscovy in the Sixteenth Century

Muscovy in the Sixteenth Century:

containing "The Discovery of Muscovy", "The Booke of the Great and Mighty Emperor of Russia", and "The English in Muscovy during the Sixteenth Century"

This Kindle volume brings together a number of books and documents, mostly contemporary, about the early contacts between England and Russia.

The Discovery of Muscovy describes the first expedition to Muscovy and reports on the principal towns and the customs and practices of the peoples. It was originally written in Latin by Clement Adams from information received directly from Richard Chancellor, the pilot of that first expedition.

The Booke of the Great and Mighty Emperor of Russia & Duke of Moscovia and of the dominions orders and commodities thereunto belonging is a report written by Richard Chancellor himself. It is followed by a collection of documents relating to the early years of the Company of Merchant Adventurers, including a description of the visit to England of the first Russian Ambassador, Osep Nepeja.

The English in Muscovy during the Sixteenth Century was written by the Baron de Bogoushevsky sometime before 1878. It gives a different perspective on the relationships between England and Russia and includes transcriptions of many letters between the rulers of the two countries.

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The Dunnett connection:

it is clear that Dorothy Dunnett used some, if not all, of these works in her research for The Ringed Castle. Reading them, you can see the inspiration for some of the episodes in the novel.