Original Letters Illustrative of British History

Original Letters Illustrative of British History, including numerous Royal Letters:

from autographs in the British Museum, and one or two other collections. series 2 vol. 1

with notes and illustrations by Henry Ellis

A collection of letters from the reigns of Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII.

The letters were selected by Henry Ellis, Keeper of the Manuscripts in the British Museum. They cover a great range of subjects: from domestic rebellions to foreign news, from shipbuilding to jousting, from marriages to royal births.

Background information is given for many of the letters, in some cases including extensive quotations from chronicles and other documents.

Revised and updated 2016, to include a Letter Index (by writer and recipient). If you have a version without this index, please ask Amazon to send you the latest version.

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