Sir Philip Sidney

Sir Philip Sidney: Type of English Chivalry

by H R Fox Bourne

The subtitle of this book  makes it sound a bit pompous - but it really isn't!

It tells the story of Sir Philip (poet, soldier, statesman, courtier, ambassador, governor - and all before he was 32),  and of his parents - Sir Henry and Lady Mary Sidney. It includes quotations from many letters, including the very first letter Sir Henry wrote to his schoolboy son, including this this piece of advice:

Delight to be cleanly, as well in all parts of your body as in your garments: it shall make you grateful in each company — and otherwise loathsome.

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The Dunnett connection:

I chose this book to publish as I wanted to find out more about the Sidney family — in particular Sir Henry, who figures in The Ringed Castle, book five of Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond series, which concerns the early voyages of the Muscovy Company and their attempts to win trade agreements at the court of Ivan the Terrible.