The Roll of Arms of the Siege of Caerlaverock

The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons and Knights who attended King Edward I to the Siege of Caerlaverock in 1300:

edited from the manuscript in the British Museum, with a translation and notes, by Thomas Wright

The extraordinary triangular castle of Caerlaverock, close to Scotland's English border, saw many sieges, the most famous being that by Edward I in 1300. "The Roll of Arms" is a description of that siege, in the form of a poem, written by one of Edward's heralds. As well as the images and descriptions of arms, there are delightful little word pictures of many of the combatants, with copious notes giving further background to the individuals.

The poem was written in French, being the language of the court. The original French is provided here along with an English translation by Thomas Wright. Each stanza is cross-linked so that you can easily flip between languages.

When this book was first published, in 1864, it was printed with the long s character (like a hand-written 'f' without the crossbar). For the Kindle edition, this character has been replaced throughout with the modern 's', to make for easier reading.

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