The Whole Booke of Psalmes

The Whole Booke of Psalmes collected into English Meeter

by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins,

& others conferred with the Hebrew,

with apt notes to sing them withall.

Set foorth & allowed to bee sung in all Churches of all the people together, before & after Sermons: & moreover, in private houses, for their godly solace & comfort; laying apart all ungodly songs & ballads, which tend only to the nourishing of vice, & corrupting of youth.

In the middle of the sixteenth century a number of Protestant scholars, fleeing persecution in England, settled in Geneva. There they collaborated in the translation of the Bible into English, and the complete "Geneva Bible" was published in 1560.

The Whole Booke of Psalmes, printed in 1618, turns the psalms from the Geneva Bible into verse and includes the music to sing them to. The complete prose text of the Psalms, originally printed in the margin, is set in a separate section in the Kindle edition, with each verse and line being linked for easy reference.

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The Dunnett connection:

These were the Psalms Francis Crawford knew. For example, he quotes this from Psalm 22:

And from the sword (Lord) save my soule
by thy might and thy power:
And keepe my soule, thy darling deare,
from dogs that would devoure,

And from the lions mouth, that would
me all in sunder shiver:
And from the hornes of Unicornes
Lord safely me deliver