Original Letters Illustrative of British History

Original Letters Illustrative of British History, including numerous Royal Letters:

from autographs in the British Museum, and one or two other collections. series 2 vol. 2

with notes and illustrations by Henry Ellis

A collection of letters from the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I including letters from and to Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas Cromwell, William Cecil, the reigning Monarch, members of the nobility, merchants and schoolmasters.

There are three letters from Lady Jane Grey [see also Chronicle of Queen Jane.] both in the original Latin and in English translation, and youthful letters from Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, and Henry Darnley.

The correspondence ranges across matters of state; matters of marriage and wardship; the affairs of colleges and religious foundations; even the problems of dealing with a recalcitrant scholar.

The introductions accompanying most of the letters give background to the content, sometimes including the whole or part of other letters, and in one case a very extensive report on England written by the Venetian Ambassador Signor Giovanni Michele.

Revised and updated 2016, to include a Letter Index (by writer and recipient). If you have a version without this index, please ask Amazon to send you the latest version.

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